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Work with our certified nutrition coaches to help take control of your diet. We work with you on an ongoing basis to achieve your nutrition goals and develop meal plants that helps you #THRIVE in and out of the gym.

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Andrea Slade

Andrea loves finding and sharing delicious, healthy, and most of all convenient, nutrition options for her family and yours.

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Nutrition planning with Andera has been really exciting. She sat down with me and went over my lifestyle and schedule to find what types of meals would fit my day to day life and give me all of my macros. There were many fun meals that I would have never thought of. I now enjoy preparing food and tracking it. Seeing that I am getting my calorie needs met has made me realize that I can still lose weight and gain muscle all while eating more calories than I thought I could. Andrea is very personable and always responds quickly to any questions I have! I’m glad I picked her!

I am really enjoying my nutrition journey so far. I feel like this has helped me pay more attention to what I am eating and better fuel my body for my workouts. I struggled to get enough protein before this and I am enjoying incorporating more healthy and nutritious foods into my diet. It’s been a learning curve for me, but with Andrea’s help, I’m on the path to a healthier lifestyle!

I laughed out loud when Cody said I should increase my daily carbohydrates. I was so freaky about carbs and would only eat 20g or less daily but still didn't lose weight. I followed Cody's guidance for diet, protein intake and supplements, everything kicked into high gear. In the next 2 months, fat melted off. Cody obviously knows what he is doing and does not just preach it - he practices it himself. That is the differentiator.

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